Program Development  & Coaching

Available in-person or online.

Program Development: Research to Practice

All program development services are customized to suit the needs of individual schools. Program development may entail having all the K through grade 3 teachers and support staff in a school receive a presentation giving an overview of the science-based reading/spelling research, and then the group working collaboratively to determine how to better align instruction with the research. Such an approach may encompass mapping out the existing reading/spelling instruction within a school, and then determining the specific goals and objectives that will expand and/or improve instruction. This may entail developing a checklist of reading/spelling skills being taught at each grade, examining the instructional approach being used at present, and looking at how skill mastery is being tracked. Support going forward may include helping schools choose a screener and/or program or materials, and coaching teachers throughout the implementation process. Ongoing support could include the provision of additional resources or strategies to enhance instruction at any stage.



Individual or Small Group Teacher Coaching (In a school and/or online)

A block of time, booked over a specific period of time, to support an individual teacher or a group of teachers in one or more of the following areas:

  • Learning about, and implementing, science-based approaches to the assessment and teaching of essential reading and spelling skills

  • Examining an existing approach/program being used, in order to determine whether or not it is supported by current reading and spelling science

  • Selecting evidence-based options and materials to improve instruction

  • Determining whether more comprehensive assessments may be needed to best teach/monitor progress of certain students, what tests might be considered, and who can give the tests

  • Interpreting assessment results, and then developing a realistic program based upon those results

  • Implementing and monitoring a specific intervention

  • Developing Individualized Education Plans