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Parent Presentations & Support

Available in-person or online.

Nancy Young provides presentations and coaching to help parents better understand how to help their child learn, and support them in the learning process.


Parent in Ottawa, Canada

Parent Presentations  (each approximately two hours in length):

Learning to read: Increasing parents’ understanding of the instruction needed by most children yet missing from most schools

I had the opportunity to hear Nancy present at the International Dyslexia Association's (Ontario Branch) first national conference in 2016. As a parent of a child with dyslexia, and a dyslexic myself, Nancy's presentation really resonated with me. She clearly understands the educational and emotional needs of dyslexic students and parents, and offers a very hopeful message: dyslexic children want to learn to read, and they can to learn to read with the right teaching techniques. Words to live by! On a practical note, Nancy also provided information sheets to help parents communicate effectively with educators. Thank you Nancy!

I first heard Nancy speak during an online webinar and was impressed with her ability to make sense of the literacy challenges our kids and schools are facing today. As a parent of a child with dyslexia, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to sort out what is going on and what to say to schools, to our child and to ourselves. Nancy was enthusiastic when I reached out to her. She provided me with some very clear and concrete ways to understand the science of reading and what a struggling reader needs to learn to read. She also offered some great tips on how to advocate for my child at school. Nancy has a real passion to get her message out and help parents and educators. Thank you on behalf of my child and all struggling readers.


Parent of a dyslexic child

The relationship between reading and spelling

How children can be moving AND practicing skills needed to read/spell at the same time

Parent Workshops: Any of the above presentations can be extended, and delivered in a format that includes additional audience participation.

Individual Parent Support (hourly, as needed)

Individual parent support is given online and/or in the home of the parent. Support can include one or more of the following:

  • Helping parents determine the need for/value in having a psycho-educational assessment completed by a psychologist.

  • Helping parents interpret the test results and recommendations of a psycho-educational assessment.

  • Providing support for parents in getting help for their child within the school setting:

    • Helping advocate for screening or for more comprehensive assessments

    • Interpreting the results of school-based screeners and assessments

    • Giving feedback on reading/spelling programs being used in the school (in-class and/or remediation)

    • Developing Individual Education Plan goals and objectives

    • Monitoring progress in reading/spelling skill acquisition

  • Providing guidance as parents explore remediation options outside the school setting.

  • Recommending ways to solidify the foundational reading/spelling skills for parents who are aware of a family history of dyslexia and who wish to intervene early.

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