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Here are some of the reviews for Secret Code Actions™ (if you would like to share a review, please contact Nancy)

Secret Code Actions by Nancy Young is a remarkable book. She has taken the complex code of the English language and translated it into small and easily digestible units. She has provided interesting movements to go with each sound, making learning these sounds fun. Her helpful hints about spelling and morphology are a unique and extremely useful addition. The illustrations are fabulous and will really help students remember the sounds.

Linda Siegel, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UBC

Author of: “Not Lazy, Not Stupid: Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities”

Secret Code Actions will not be one of those textbooks that eventually serves only to collect dust on the forgotten shelves of schools everywhere. In fact, expect this book to exhibit not the beauty of a thing preserved, but the grime and wear of a thing used continually. Expect this because Secret Code Actions is not just a resource, it is a tool. A resource is something that we can glean things from whereas a tool is something that we use. Secret Code Actions is both practical to have on-hand in the classroom for students and indispensable for teachers' learning. This, I believe, will hold true for educators of all backgrounds.

Kaitlyn B.

Literacy and ELL Instructor in B.C., Canada

For anyone who teaches reading to children, this learning resource support is a must!!! Written by Nancy Young, a guru in the teaching of reading and spelling, this book informs and empowers teachers to share the knowledge of the English code with their students. This book should be in all primary classrooms!

Meg P.

Teacher in B.C., Canada

As a grade one teacher, Nancy Young’s “Secret Code Actions” is an invaluable resource in my classroom. I use it to support my spelling and reading program weekly and it offers practical hands-on information and tips for developing a strong foundation in phonemic awareness for students. It was created with the needs of dyslexic students in mind but it is a must-have for the support and effective literacy instruction of all students, also offering much in the way of extension ideas for advanced students. I highly recommend this excellent resource – a must have for all elementary classrooms!

Lindsay C.

Teacher in in B.C., Canada

I have already gotten a lot of new ideas from this book! Well worth it! Thanks for putting so many great ideas together!

Lou Ann Peterson
Language Center Teacher & Private Tutor
North Carolina

As an Orton-Gillingham trained educator and dyslexia practitioner, Secret Code Actions has truly been an invaluable asset. The lessons are clearly mapped out, and easy to follow. There is a TON of background information for teachers on every page. Best of all, the students love the movements, which makes this resource truly unique. I am constantly seeking ways to incorporate more movement into my Orton-Gillingham lessons, and Secret Code Actions is the perfect supplement. Even if you don't use the OG approach, you can benefit from all of Nancy's teaching tips. Highly recommend! 


Emily Gibbons, M.Ed, CDP

Teaching the sounds and symbols of the English alphabetic code does not have to be so difficult now that Nancy Young has provided us with her fantastic reference book, Secret Code Actions.The explanations she provides are truly golden nuggets for teachers, and it’s all easily accessible. Teachers will be thrilled to not only learn the “secrets,” but they will be able to share this knowledge with their students confidently.

Faith Borkowsky, Author

Failing Students or Failing Schools?

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