This section contains resources for teachers and parents to help understand the importance of teaching reading, spelling and writing using an evidence-based approach from K up.

The wealth of materials on reading can seem overwhelming. To cut through the clutter, Nancy has assembled a list that includes some of her preferred books and online resources, for parents and teachers to use as a starting point. See the list here.

Nancy has assembled an FAQ section to address the most commonly asked questions about reading/spelling/writing research and instruction. Learn more.


I am admin of Dyslexia Support Australia which is an evidenced based support group. We have a great passion for change and are striving to educate as many teachers and parents as possible about the importance of structured literacy and systematic explicit phonics. Too many children are being left behind. What works for children with dyslexia is best practice for all students. Thankyou Nancy Young for your brilliant resources especially the infographic about the need for structured literacy. You work is much appreciated as a parent, an advocate and school teacher!

Belinda Dekker

Dyslexia Support Australia

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