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The Ladder of Reading & Writing

No changes are permitted to  The Ladder of Reading & Writing.

Nancy's infographic must not be altered in any way.


Thank you for respecting my intellectual property, and for helping to protect the integrity and accuracy of my work as it helps deliver
an important message globally.

Due to a high volume of requests, it may take several days for Nancy to respond. Thank you for your patience.
If you need permission urgently, please include the words 'URGENT PERMISSION REQUEST' at the beginning of your
email subject line.

Thank you for your interest in my work! 

Below I have listed my allowable uses, current as of
April 1, 2023. If a form is required, please down
load, then fill out and email attachment to 
Nancy. She will email back confirming receipt and authorizing
use of her work based on the information you submit.

Please re-apply for each use,

unless special arrangements have been made with Nancy.


If you have any questions about correct, allowable usage of Nancy's work, please email her directly.

Before completing a form, be sure to DOWNLOAD THE FORM.

For inclusion in a presentation/course:
Permission form 

For a website: 

Permission form  HERE

For a newsletter/blog post/media article: 

Permission form HERE

Social Media: 

Guidelines HERE

Single-person use (parents, educators, SLPs, psychologists, tutors etc.):
Special permission is not required to print the PDF to give copies to parents or other professionals. Please refer them to the website. You may print/enlarge it to hang The Ladder of Reading & Writing on a wall. PLEASE PRINT IN COLOUR. Do not distribute.


If you are sharing printed copies of Nancy's ladder, please include a recommendation that the user visit Nancy’s website including her blog posts explaining the content within her Ladder of Reading & Writing as well as permission for proper use. 

To share The Ladder of Reading & Writing via email, with parents and other educators, please do not send the file itself, but direct the person to the website link.


Feel free to use The Ladder of Reading & Writing to explain to some students why they need certain instruction. I have used it this way many times—especially while supporting the learning needs of 2e students who are gifted and have dyslexia.

Please Email Nancy directly if you have any questions about the above.
** If you currently have permission to use the 2021 version of The Ladder of Reading & Writing, please substitute all iterations with the new 2023 updated version. **
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