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Movement Resources

Recommended Books

How the Body Knows Its Mind: The Surprising Power of the Physical Environment to Influence
How You Think and Feel
 Beilock, Sian (2015) ( (


The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain 

Murphy Paul, Annie (2021) ( (


Enhancing Children’s Cognition With Physical Activity Games 

Tomporowski, P., McCullick, B., & Pesce, C. (2015) ( (


Mind in Motion: How Action Shapes Thought 

Tversky, Barbara (2019) ( (

Movement Matters: How Embodied Cognition Informs Teaching and Learning

Macrine & Fugate (Editors) 2022 ( (

Nancy's book on skill-based movement:

Secret Code Actions™: A Resource to Support Learning to Read and Spell the English Language 

Young, Nancy (2017)  

Secret Code Actions™ is a resource which can be used AS NEEDED during code-based instruction to enhance learning of foundational skills by bringing in skill-based movements. This book is not a step-by-step program. It is a supplementary tool to support differentiated literacy instruction especially for students with reading/spelling challenges. The chapters within Secret Code Actions™:

  • Link sound-symbol correspondences to specific movements to provide ways for children up and physically active while learning and practicing code-based conceptsespecially valuable for children with ADHD who are learning foundational reading skills

  • Provide information about features within the structure of the English language (orthography, morphology) and fascinating aspects of words (semantics and syntax) and their history (word origins) to increase teacher knowledge

  • Provide creative and engaging ways to carry out the repetitions some children require (especially children with dyslexia) to master the “secrets” of the code, including activities in the gym and outside playing areas.



The research on effective ways to teach decoding and spelling continues to evolve. Nancy is in the process of revising some parts of Secret Code Actions™ to reflect current understandings. Topics being revised/expanded in an update include: 

  • differentiating code-based instruction (the range of needs)

  • phonemic awareness (for whom and how - cautions for educators)

  • research connecting movement and learning for children with ADHD 

The research on movement just grows and grows, and the update will include more about this generally.

Because a revised edition is in the works, the first edition has been reduced in price and is only available print-on-demand:

TEACHER EDITION of Secret Code Actions™ is available at (click): Canada  US  Other countries 

PARENT EDITION of Secret Code Actions™ is available at (click): Canada  US  Other countries 

A 2nd edition of Secret Code Actions™ may be available in 2025.

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