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Infographic: "The Ladder of Reading & Writing"

L of R&W FINAL 03_14_23.png
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Synopsis of the 2023 Ladder of Reading & Writing Update
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The Ladder of Reading & Writing:

Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D.

JH Educational Services

Seattle, WA

Thank you Nancy Young for creating this wonderful infographic! Informative, ACCURATE, easily interpreted and engaging!

Lorraine Yamin 

Learning Specialist,

New York City, NY 

Your infographics (the old and the new) create a type of instantaneous psychological relief for teachers. Most of us teacher folk are committed to ALL our students. Nature and its marvelous diversity of abilities can make teachers feel like instruction for all will make us lose our minds.
Your infographic rapidly helps teachers feel that all the joys AND frustrations of our daily, teaching lives can be captured on one page; can be comprehended. Between the ever-changing schedules, continuous interruptions and life events of our students, our families and ourselves–
at least we have a literacy map to anchor our purpose. What a psychological relief!

Books, Articles & Videos Referencing "The Ladder of Reading" (2020)

Books, Articles & Videos Referencing "The Ladder of Reading" (2020) 

Nancy’s earlier Ladder of Reading was featured in numerous article and books, on many websites, and in countless presentations. If you previously obtained permission from Nancy to use her earlier work, please continue to follow her guidelines and use the 2021 update doing forward. 

Nancy's Ladder of Reading (2020) is now featured in the following books:

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