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Nancy Young B.A., M.Ed.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Nancy Young is an educational consultant providing support for educators and families across North America and globally. Her current consulting and professional development focus areas are: 


The provision of differentiated reading, spelling, and writing instruction to serve individual strengths and needs  

The integration of task-relevant physical activities to enhance the learning process 

Nancy's areas of specialty include dyslexia, giftedness, and ADHD. Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education Degree in Elementary Education (giftedness focus), and a Master of Education Degree in Special Education (dyslexia focus). Nancy is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D. in Cognitive Diversity), studying the particular needs of those students in Pre-K through grade 1 who are gifted and have co-occurring dyslexia and/or ADHD, described as twice-exceptional or 2e. 


A passionate and long-time advocate for improving instruction for all children, Nancy has taught children with a wide range of learning needs and ages in schools, within community organizations, and in her own private teaching practice. Nancy is a certified teacher (British Columbia, Canada) and a member of the International Dyslexia Association, Scientific Studies of Reading, the National Association for Gifted Children, and the World Council for Gifted & Talented Children. 
Nancy is the author of Secret Code Actions™, a unique resource/tool she created to be woven into any reading/spelling program to ENHANCE instruction by weaving FUN skill-based movements into the learning process. Lots of information about her "dictionary for the code with movement" is available at the Secret Code Actions™ link in the above menu (including example pages). Children need to learn to read - and they need to move!  

Nancy is also the creator of the Ladder of Reading & Writing, an infographic showing the ease at which children learn to read. It summarizes the varied and numerous factors that must be considered to best serve the full range of instructional needs, whether learning to read and write is more challenging or skills are advanced. (If you wish to use her Ladder of Reading & Writing infographic in a presentation, website, in training materials, etc., follow the permission request process as outlined in her Ladder of Reading & Writing link in the menu.) 

I recently had the pleasure of participating in one of Nancy’s two-day professional development workshops. It was centered on her new book  “Secret Code Actions” and offered a fun, and informative approach to literacy instruction. Nancy is a dynamic and engaging speaker and her workshop presented fascinating information about brain science and reading. She promoted collaboration and connection with other teachers, and presented many hands-on active activities throughout. I left the workshop feeling invigorated and excited to apply my new knowledge in the classroom. I would highly recommend this fantastic learning opportunity!

Lindsay C.

Teacher in B.C., Canada

I am so glad to have a copy of your book.  Meeting you has been instrumental in changing my practice.  I have no formal training in this area so I am just trying to soak up everything you have taught.  I have really enjoyed learning from you. 


Kindergarten teacher, BC, Canada

I had the opportunity to hear Nancy present at the International Dyslexia Association's (Ontario Branch) first national conference in 2016. As a parent of a child with dyslexia, and a dyslexic myself, Nancy's presentation really resonated with me. She clearly understands the educational and emotional needs of dyslexic students and parents, and offers a very hopeful message: dyslexic children want to learn to read, and they can to learn to read with the right teaching techniques. Words to live by! On a practical note, Nancy also provided information sheets to help parents communicate effectively with educators. Thank you Nancy!


Parent in ON, Canada

I attended a two-day workshop featuring Nancy and her new book. It was the most informative workshop I have been to about teaching children to read...this workshop was fascinating and explains so much about how the brain has to change in order to learn to read. I can see how teaching the "Secret Code Actions" of the complicated English language will provide my students with a meaningful connection to the phonemes and graphemes involved in learning to read. Thank you again, Nancy, for a great workshop.


Teacher in B.C., Canada

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