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Secret Code Actions™

What is it?

Secret Code Actions™ is a reading/spelling resource which can be used alongside any phonics instruction to enhance learning, by:

  • Linking code-based concepts to specific movements to increase engagement and get children up and physically active while learning (especially valuable for children with ADHD);

  • Building knowledge of the structure of the English language

  • Providing creative ways to carry out the numerous repetitions many children require to master the “secrets” of the code (especially children with dyslexia), including activities in the gym and outside playing areas;

  • Bringing FUN into learning the “secrets of the code”

Secret Code Actions™ delves into the parts of the English language, the sound-symbol associations that make up the “secret code”, that are often difficult for many children (especially those with dyslexia) to master without explicit instruction and many repetitions. This includes the most common correspondences (sound-to-symbol / symbol-to-sound) in English words as well as other code-related skills such as syllables and spelling conventions.


Secret Code Actions™ also contains learning tips ("Clues and Alerts") for the essential components that should underlie code-based instruction: sounds in words (phonology), spellings of words (orthography) and meanings and functions of words and their parts (morphology, semantics and syntax).

In Secret Code Actions™ the concepts are presented in alphabetical order, not teaching order, because the book was written to enhance ANY program. If you are not already following a specific sequence to teach code-based concepts, click here for Nancy’s suggested teaching order.

Owners of Secret Code Actions™ currently enjoy complimentary access to supplementary materials (limited time offer). Created by the author, these materials are available to download and print from, including:

  • Detailed order of instruction for teaching concepts in the book (for those not already following a sequence).

  • Grapheme/symbol cards (large and small),

  • Desk and wall charts for Chapter 1’s Master Chart of Phoneme-to-Grapheme (Sound-to Symbol) Correspondences,

  • 1" Tiles colour-coded to match grapheme/symbol cards,

  • Posters for vowel sound-to-symbol correspondences,

  • Additional fun activities!

Teacher Edition: Introduction / Guide to Using: 

Click here to download a PDF sampling the first part of the book, including part of the Guide to Using.

Parent Edition: Introduction / Guide to Using: 

Click here to download a PDF sampling the first part of the book, including part of the Guide to Using.

How is the Parent Version different from the Teacher Edition?

The Secret Code Actions™ Teacher Edition is written for a classroom teacher, remediation teacher or teacher studying at university, to help them:

  • Learn ways to bring movement into the classroom while teaching/practicing the code.

  • Expand their knowledge of the "secrets" of the English code, to build their students' knowledge of the English language;

The Secret Code Actions™ Parent Edition is written for parents, to help them:

  • Expand their knowledge of the “secrets” of the English code to better support their child’s learning or solidification of reading/spelling skills in the home setting;

  • Build or bolster their child’s reading and spelling skills in fun (yet reliable) ways at home, including using movement to learn/practice the code;

  • Know what instructional essentials should be a part of K through Grade 2 classroom instruction;

  • Advocate for the evidence-based reading/spelling instruction that is often missing in schools (particularly the teaching of the code).


Both editions are carefully designed to enable a collaborative approach to code mastery, meaning the classroom and/or remediation teacher can be using the Teacher Edition to teach essential code-based concepts in a fun way, and a parent can be practicing in the home using the same terminology/keywords/movements.

Secret Code Actions by Nancy Young is a remarkable book. She has taken the complex code of the English language and translated it into small and easily digestible units. She has provided interesting movements to go with each sound, making learning these sounds fun. Her helpful hints about spelling and morphology are a unique and extremely useful addition.

Linda Siegel, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, UBC

Author of: “Not Lazy, Not Stupid: Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities”

Secret Code Actions - Parent Edition - Cover

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Secret Code Actions - Teacher Edition - Cover
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